EOS Studio Web

EOS Studio Web is available at https://app.eosstudio.io

Log in with GitHub

You can look at other’s projects. To create your own project, you need to login first.

Create a new project

press the button and create the project

Cloud CDT

use cdt to build the project, generating .wasm and .abi files

Cloud-hosted Network

Create an account

deploy the contract to your account

Run your first smart contract

In addition, many blockchain teams are sharing their open source smart contracts on EOS Studio Web to help new users get started.

The main featurs of EOS Studio Web include:

  • An online EOSIO code editor that supports syntax highlight, auto-complete and inline notification of build errors

  • A cloud-based EOSIO.CDT smart contract compiler with the option to choose versions from v1.3 to v1.6