Decentralized Application

EOSIO blockchain use account system to


You are three easy steps away from being a blockchain developer:

  1. EOS Studio IDE and EOS account preparation

  • Launch EOS Studio IDE Web:

  • Login into Studio using Github account

  • Create an EOS account in Cloud network

  1. Backend preparation

  • Create a project

  • Build

  • Deploy

  1. Frontend preparation (TODO add a simple test page with EOSJS API call)

  • Launch test page

  • Fill the account

  • Click ‘Hi’ button

That’s it, that’s all, you are a blockchain developer now.

Talk is cheap. Show me the code.

Backend (Smart Contract)

  • using C++

  • Header file (hpp) and source file (cpp)



  • function implementation

  • require_auth (maybe ignore it)

  • multi_index get a record (get)

  • multi_index add a new record (emplace)

  • multi_index replace an existing record (modify)

  • C++ callback function

Frontend (TODO)

From ‘Hello world!’ to ‘Hello xxx!’ (xxx from blockchain) after clicking a button.

Offer a reset button.

  • React setup

  • EOSJS setup

  • onClick binding

  • EOSJS API fetch

  • update state